Company Profile

Alterenergyz is a company based in Goa dealing in Waste Management and renewable energy products. We offer customised solutions as per requirements of clients which are practical, customised and cost effective. We take pride in providing quick and efficient service being a Goa based company. Primarily we deal in following products

  1. Liquid Waste Management by providing Sewage Treatment Plants both for individual households and communities. We can also provide effluent treatment plants for industry. We also undertake troubleshooting and maintenance of the plants.
  2. Installation and maintenance of Bio gas plants to convert kitchen and other bio degradable waste into cooking fuel.
  3. Installation and maintenance of Solar based products like Solar Heating systems, Solar street lights, Concentrated Solar Technology solutions etc.
  4. Installation of Sanitary Napkin Incinerators.
  5. Management of Bio mass.
  6. Implementation of complete waste management solutions including collection, segregation and disposal of all kind of solid wastes.

Why AlterEnergyz

  1. A Single Point solution provider for all renewable Energy Needs and Waste management Solutions
  2. Customised and Scinetific Solutions catereing to client specific needs
  3. Highly experienced team in technical and execution fields
  4. Offer operation and maintenance services
  5. Providing TURNKEY Solutions for all projects if required (Design/Construction/Operation)
  6. Offer Consultancy/Education /Awareness Programmes
  7. One of the few companies to conduct Waste Audits etc