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The landfills of Goa are shutting down as the communities living near them, agitate against continuous dumping of waste. Source segregation is therefore necessary and is to become a bylaw. By segregation, what we find is that trash is no longer waste but a valuable resource. Plastics, paper and metal generate an income of minimum Rs.100/month by recycling. What about wet waste from our kitchen and left over meals that within hours starts to go foul and becomes smelly?

Portable Biogas digesters are provided as a solution that not only helps manage wet waste in a safe and hygienic condition but also displace a family’s LPG needs by half. An average indian family of 4 consumes one L

biogasPG cylinder a month, thereby 12 a year. According to the new government provisions made for LPG, only 6 cylinders will be available under subsidized rate of Rs.400 and the rest 6 will have to be purchased at a commercial rate of Rs.770-800. If Biogas is installed in homes, the family only has to spend Rs.2400 on the first 6 cylinders of LPG, the remaining 6 is taken care by biogas, resulting in an average savings of Rs.4800 a year.  With about 1.1 sqm space, they can be placed in balconies, terraces, backyards, basements and gardens. Larger units are available for apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants and office buildings with an option of converting gas into electricity. The lifespan of a digester is about 25 years..