Biomass based stoves

Portable Wood / Biomass Stoves stoves have been designed, built and tested in India over the last decade. The fuels considered are firewood/tiny sticks/sawdust/other fine and pulverisable agro‐ residues like coir pith, bagasse, leafy residues and even dried urban waste in a well‐defined manner. The aim of the design is to provide a combustion behavior close to what is obtainable in gas stoves, with the use of a blower of 1‐ 50 W capacity for stoves delivering 3‐50 kWth capacity. i.e. about 1 to 12 kg/hr of fuel consumption. The aim of the design is to burn the solid residue with a facility to have some control on power, reduce emissions, maximize the efficiency of heat transfer into the vessel, minimum tending and low cost. The stoves are smokeless and very efficient and the heat generated is in comparison to the LPG. These stoves are a practical replacement for LPG stoves especially when cooking in large quantities.

briquette stovepellet-stove-250x250    biomass-pellet-stoves   769ELFD_ STOVE