Renewable energy is energy that can be harnessed from sunlight, wind, waste etc and which are naturally replenished , the name renewable suggests that it is not quantified .

The In repairable damage caused to the environment because of human lifestyle and depleting natural resources has caused the human population to be more concerned and caused them to change their lifestyle  and there is a trend to move to renewable energy.

Some forms of renewable energy have become very popular like Solar, Wind ,etc which have got a strong push by the government. Large scale plants have been set up to provide electricity.

Some of the widely used renewable resources and their applications are

Solar  – Energy from Sunlight

For Water heating Systems : Solar energy heats up the water

For Photo Voltaic Systems : Lighting of houses , streetlights etc

For concentrated Solar Systems :Replacing fuel for Boilers , Cooking purposes

 Wind Energy: The energy harnessed from the Wind has been mainly through windmills for generating electricity.

Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power and which is further converted into electric power using generators.

Biogas Energy: The organic waste which is generated these days can be converted using Biogas Plantsinto useful energy which can be used for cooking as a replacement to LPG, or for producing power etc.

ALTERNATE  ENERGY is a used when we obtain energy from a source that is an alternative to using fossil fuels.  It generally indicates that the energy is non-traditional and have low environmental impact.

Biomass :Biomass, is a renewable organic matter , such as wood, garden waste, and alcohol fuels. The biomass can be used for generating electricity or as an substitute fuel for cooking in place of gas.

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