Solar PV Systems


AlterEnergyz offers a wide range of photovoltaic systems for different applications and budgets.

Solar PV systems can be used as a backup power source with appropriate energy storage or as a grid interactive system using which you can sell power back to the grid.


  • Power appliances running on direct current using DC systems. These comprise of solar panel, charge controller and low maintenance batteries. Ideal for farmhouses, workshops, camping, disaster relief shelters etc.
  • Electrify your home appliances using solar energy using our PV systems. These comprise of solar panel, inverter and batteries. The inverter has an in-built priority controller that ensures you utilize solar energy while it is available before switching to the grid or battery supply.
  • Systems have the flexibility of charging via solar panels as well as through main supply. This enables you to take the first steps towards a solar powered home as well as ensuring you have enough charge in your batteries during day long power cuts
  • Profit from the abundance of the sun using our Grid Interactive systems. These systems do not have any storage and whatever energy is generated is consumed instantly. Excess solar power generated can be sold back to the grid. Since power buy back is subject to local government policies kindly check with us whether this facility is available in your state.

Key advantages of Solar Home Power Packs

  • Acts as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) inverter providing electricity during frequent power cuts.
  • Substantially reduces electricity bill amounts.
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Assists you in going Green

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