Sewage Treatment Plant

depur001-jpgad23f436-067d-4a12-839e-32ca1d6fd7baoriginalThe waste water generated from toilets and kitchens of households is required to be treated before disposing it into the ground /water bodies or using it for watering plants etc. We design, install and run the sewage treatment plants of varying sizes from 5 KLD upto MLD capacity. Treatment solutions are available for domestic Sewage and industrial waste water. We can also provide consultancy for revamping old plants and take Annual Maintenance Contracts. The treated waste water will be conforming to standards of Pollution Control Board. Requirement of fresh water may be reduced by reusing the treated waste water. A well-functioning Sewage Treatment plant is a must for buildings aspiring to be classified as Green Buildings. The Sewage Treatment Plants installed by us are also suitable for apartment blocks and societies. These are package type systems which have no foul smell and can be installed in residential complexes. We have Treatment Plants functioning well and to the satisfaction of the users in State of Goa.


Life Plus Sewage Treatment Plant for Individual Houses and Villas

Life+ @ Channasandra near Bangalore-2

Wastewater generated in a household needs to be treated in a scientific manner. Normally, the domestic sewage is collected and transported by sewerage transport network to a Central Sewage Treatment plant where the sewage is treated. Howeverthere are situations in which isolated houses and villas are not connected to central sewage network. Septic tanks have been traditionally used for treatment of domestic sewage generated in such isolated houses. In septic tanks, the wastewater is treated anaerobically. The wastewater is not treated effectively and cannot be discharged scientifically. This effluent has to be discharged to soak pits. Prolonged usage of these soak pits may result in contamination of water in aquifer resulting in rendering ground water non potable. Moreover, some soils like in state of Goa, have very less soaking capacity. The soak pits and septic tanks have to be cleaned frequently using sewage suckers. Life Plus system provided by us addresses this problem. This decentralized system treats water to an extent where there is no requirement of soak pits and treated waste water can be gainfully utilized in gardens,arboriculture etc.