Due to the urbanisation, changing lifestyle and unavailablilty of easy access to land, waste management has become an issue in our daily lives affecting our health and surroundings.

Waste management is the process which includes collection, treatment and disposal of the waste in a scientific manner taking into consideration the economics and sustainability of the process.

Segregation at source is of paramount importance and the has to be carried out by all .

In order to tackle the problem with waste the government has set up various rules and policies however non compliance by people and inadequate enforcement of the rules have been a few reasons why waste  is a growing menace.

The organic waste which is generated can be scientifically disposed using Bio methanationprocess . The biogas which is generated can be used as a substitute for LPG or can be converted into electricity.

The dry waste which is generated aftersegregated can be collected and recycled after following a correct process.

Sanitary Napkin etc can be incinerated in small portable incinerators which will enable correct disposal of the waste.

The reduction of waste at source will reduce the load on the sanitary landfills and enable correct disposal of waste

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