We have adopted water carriage system to transport excreta to treatment/ disposal site. Sewage is 99% water. The toxic sewage water is either disposed off untreated or after minimal treatment in septic tanks, put in soak pits. Even at the places where Sewage Treatment Plants exist, these are poorly run resulting in inadequate treatment. As brought out earlier that 99% of sewage is water, we normally do not consider sewage as source of clean water. It is strange that desalination plants are designed to get water from sea water (97% water), but taking out water from sewage is not popular. Fresh water is getting scarcer by the day. It is high time that we seriously think of getting fresh water from sewage and use it at least for non-potable purposes. Treated waste water can be easily used for flushing, arboriculture, cooling etc. It will reduce the demand for potable water currently being used for these purposes. Even when the reuse of water is not required in view of presence of abundant water, it is our duty to treat water before disposing it in water bodies and earth. Normally in individual households, septic tanks and soak pits are being utilized. Septic tank does not treat waste water.

The largely untreated waste water is put in soak pits. It is possible that this water contaminated the water aquifers in vicinity. The problem becomes more severe in case of construction of large number of houses in area where sewage network does not exist.
We understand the problem fully. Our modular Sewage Treatment Plants can cater for wide range of capacities. They are suitable for residential as well as commercial complexes. We also have a solution for individual households which ensure complete treatment of waste water and treated water can be disposed of in water bodies or used in arboriculture. The treated water in both cases will be of higher quality than stipulated by statutory bodies.

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